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Discover the culinary spirit of Japan in the Netherlands

 In Japan, our homeland, there is a proverb which originated from the Japanese tea ceremony called ‘Ichi-go ichi-e’ one time one meeting. This Japanese word translates as ‘each moment is always once-in-a-lifetime and so we shall treasure this moment of meeting you, and we will give you the best hospitality we can offer you now.’ This term of the once-in-a-lifetime is important for us since it reflects our personal philosophy towards Japanese cuisine where we strive to give our customers an unforgettable experience to meet and taste our cuisine.

 The meals we offer at our restaurant are created by the chef Hiroaki Yamamoto himself. At Yama we will entertain you with our beautiful and delicious Japanese cuisine and the special world created by our chefs will be a feast for your eyes. We hope you will enjoy our rich seasonal cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients in the Netherlands.






18:30 - 22:00


Via the online system only



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