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Please read before booking

8 guests per evening


We accept 4 tickets x 2 people per reservation: only 8 guests in total. 

This is the ideal number for Chef Yama to present the best of his cuisine in a high-quality manner.  Therefore, rather than having many tables, he chose to have just one large counter table in the centre of the restaurant.  This is a chef's table where all guests may interact directly with the chef and see the skills and techniques of him more personally. 

<NOTE1>  We do not rent-out the whole space for a private party. 

<NOTE2>  A reservation for 1 person is possible.   Please write it in the online system.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Arrival time

Between 18:30 - 19:00 only.   At 19:00 the courses begin for all guests.


Yama tasting menu only   €220,00 p.p. incl.vat 

around 8 dishes incl. desserts / excl. drinks

Dietary restrictions

With these dietary restrictions(click to see the details), we are unable to accept reservations.    Please check before making a reservation!


Deposit         75 euro p.p.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is free until 12 p.m of  the day before the reservation date. The deposit will be reimbursed entirely.


After this time a refund of the deposit is not possible.   In the event of a no-show on the reservation date, we charge the full menu price.   These fees cover the cost of the ingredients as well as other economic loss. 

Not allowed to bring

 - babies & toddlers  

 - own dessert(birthday cake) or drinks

 - pets  


Please don't

 - wear too much perfume 

 - leave your seats during dinner except to use the restroom

 - talk too loudly


Other remarks

 - the toilets are located upstairs via spiral stairs
- there are a few steps before reaching the dining area

Gift cards

We don't have gift cards.


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