Yama Takeaway Menu


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Even when the orders for sushi become full, you can still order other takeaway items.   As for the frozen products, sweets and sake, when your order is more than 50 euro in total, it is possible to make an appointment for pick-up on your preferred date/time.   Takeaway for sushi, beef sashimi, oyster gratin is available only on Thursday - Sunday/Monday 17-18:00 to be picked up. 

寿司のメニューが限定数に達しましても、その他のテイクアウト商品につきましては注文が可能です。冷凍品・スイーツ・お酒につきましては随時ご注文いただけます。 冷凍品・スイーツ・お酒をを50ユーロ以上お買い上げの場合、要相談となりますが、通常のテイクアウトお受け取り日時以外の時間帯でのピックアップも可能です。


Sushi & Miso soup set  

35.00 euro

(sorry, menu change not possible)

Foto: 1 set of sushi box

Foto: 2 sets combined in 1 big box

Extra sushi (per piece)

Toro 4.80 euro

Shrimp 4.00 euro


Scallop 4.00 euro


Salmon 3.50 euro


Inarizushi 2.50 euro

What is Inarizushi?

Extra miso soup

3.00 euro

You get 1 cup of miso soup with each sushi box.  If you like to order extra miso soup, it's possible!

Beef sashimi

Beef tataki (thinly sliced beef sashimi)

with Yama's original dipping sauce

With foie gras            16.00 euro

Without foie gras      14.00 euro

Zeeland oyster  Yuzu/Miso Gratin

No 0 big oyster from Zeeland in Yuzu and miso gratin sauce.   To keep the same volume we combine 1.5-2 oysters in one dish!  Heel lekker!         

1 set    10.50 euro


Tomasu soy sauce

Serving suggestion

Warm the oyster in an oven or in a microwave  and decorate with the toppings.  

Frozen products of Chef Yama


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Best match for Yama's delicious sushi!

100ml            12.50 euro

200ml          20.00 euro


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