The Sea

Dutch Yellowtail

with foam of soy sauce


The foam of soy sauce represents the foam of the sea.


Dutch Yellowtail is from Kingfish Zeeland.  Hamachi from Japan is mainly used in the Netherlands now but we recommend Hiramasa (Dutch Yellowtail) from this company.  It is more fresh and tastier as it is directly from the farm in Holland. It is an absolutely sustainable product.


Whelk in Matsumae

in North Japan style



Matsumae is a local name in Hokkaido, famous for kombu production.   Whelk is cooked at 57 degrees and the texture is soften to get the texture of the one as abalone.  

Just as in Hokkaido, whelk is a common product in Dutch market, but many people here still don't know about it.  Our aim to use whelk in this dish is to introduce this nice local ingredients.


Crab with ginger vinegar jelly

Seaweed sald with crab

ginger vinegar jelly

Purple and yellow cauliflowers as oral reefs



Tomasu soy sauce