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Jazzushi Night 13 by Shu Ishikawa

Live / 1 SEP 2015

JAZZUSHI NIGHT 13 was a great success! We all enjoyed super cool Japanese Jazz by Shu Ishikawa & his band and Yama's sushi. Deep appreciation to the support from Dertien for letting us use their restaurant for this event.

Our friend, Shu Ishikawa, a talented jazz man, who studied in Rotterdam and is now very active and popular in Tokyo came back with his band for the promotion of his new album "Mind your step" and the band is performing especially for us in Rotterdam. Team Yama had a special sushi counter to serve sushi and snacks to the audience at this event.

Snack by: Japanese Cuisine Yama

Drink by: Dertien

Location: Dertien

Photography by Shu Ishikawa

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