1. Please read before booking

Before sending your reservation request,  please read the guidelines for Covit-19 prevention carefully.  Only when you agree to them, we will take your request.     It is very important that all guests follow the guidelines to create a safe environment .

From September 2020 the restaurant will be run only by Chef Yama, Yuko and dishwashers.   We of course pay at most care to stay healthy but we need your cooperation and support as well.

Guidelines for Covit-19 prevention YAMA


1.  Sick 2 days before your reservation?  Please cancel!

Two days before your reservation date, we make contact by email to check the health condition of all guests.  If anyone from your group has symptoms of sneezing, coughing, fever, etc., we ask you to cancel the reservation.  This also includes when someone in the same house of the guests is sick.  We will try to reschedule your reservation later with you if necessary.  

2. Last minute health check on the reservation date

Once again, we like to check the health condition of all guests in the early morning of the reservation date.   If someone (also someone in the same house) has symptoms of fever/ sneezing / coughing etc, please contact us before 10:30 a.m. and cancel your reservation for free of charge.


3. Cancellation after 10:30 a.m. on the reservation date

When you fail to inform us of your cancellation before 10:30 a.m. on your reservation date, we need to charge 50 euro p.p for the ingredients which are already used for the preparations of your menu.  We can only serve 8 - 10 guests per evening, if you cancel at the last minute and we can not find anyone to come instead, our economical loss is big and the hours of time that the chef had spent on your menu will be wasted.   If you (or someone in the same house) feel sick in the early morning on the reservation date, please cancel immediately via email, whatsapp, sms.


4. Disinfect your hands!

We have a bottle of disinfection gel at the entrance and at the foot of the stairs to the toilet.   Please make sure to use them:  (a) when you first enter the restaurant and (b) when you go back to your seat after using the toilet upstairs.  


5. Do not talk loud!

In our restaurant all guests sit together in a big counter table facing toward the open kitchen in the middle, where Chef Yama and Yuko are mostly standing.  Please do not talk loud for the safety of the other guests and also for Yama and Yuko.


6. Going to the toilet?  One by one, please!

When you go to the toilet, only one person at a time.  And before you go back to your seat, please disinfect your hands.

7. Continuous coughs/sneezing? Please leave immediately

When we see anyone at the table is coughing/sneezing all the time, we ask him/her and his/her dining partner(s) to leave the restaurant immediately.   Also when you start to feel ill or feel fever during dinner, please report it to us and leave immediately.   We will try to reschedule your reservation later with you if necessary.


8. Horeca closure in the future

At this moment of our life with corona, we don't know what to expect in the future.   Depending on the development of the corona infection rate, it is possible that the government orders us to close our restaurant again.   In such a case your reservation gets cancelled automatically.   



Arrival time

Between 18:30 - 19:00 only.  After 19:00 the courses start for all guests.


Chef's choice menu only.    

€98,00  (incl.vat) p.p.  incl. dessert(s)

** Our concept & the menu price is planned to change from 2021!


Our serving is in English

Payment methods

Cash, Pin, Credit card (AMEX not available)

Dietary requests

If you have any dietary requests, please inform us when you make a reservation.  Since every dish has to be prepared well in advance, we are not able to arrange on the spot.


With these dietary requests, we do not take reservations (click to see the details).

Please check them before making your reservation.

Cancellation policy

In order to serve our best cuisine, we select and prepare ingredients well in advance according to the reservation schedule. When you have to cancel your reservation or you have any change, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the reservation date.

Cancellation fee (per person)

(These fees are for the ingredients and other economic loss.)

50 euro  : After 10:30 a.m. on the reservation date

100% of the menu price : No show on the reservation date

When the number of the party decreases upon your arrival with no advanced notice,

80% of the menu price will be charged for the absent person(s).


When the number of the party increases, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your reservation date. Our seating is very limited and every dish has to be prepared well in advance. We buy ingredients and prepare dishes only for the guests with reservations.

​Note: The toilets are upstairs via the spiral stairs. Also there are a few steps before going in to the dinning area.


Send us an email with the following information to

<reservation@jcyama.com >

Reservations can be made only through email.

We take no reservations by phone or in any other reservation sites.

1. Your name

2. Email address

3. Mobile number

4. Preferred date

5. Number of persons

6. Dietary requests


With these dietary requests, we do not take reservations (Click to see the details)

Please check before making your reservations.


Important: Your reservation is not complete until you receive a confirmation email from us.   If you don't hear from us within 48 hours after you have sent your request, please contact us again.   

Gift card

《 We are sorry, but we do not make gift cards. 》