Chef's choice courses (incl. dessert)

98 euro ( p.p.

Our concept & the menu price is planned to change from 2021!

Please arrive between 18:30 and 19:00.

After 19:00 the courses start for all guests.

Please note: We are unable to take reservations with the following requests:

  • cannot take even a small amount of regular soy sauce or miso paste (due to severe soy bean or gluten allergies)

  • cannot take any vegetables

  • cannot take any fish/seafood

  • cannot take any kind of shrimp, crab, lobster, shell fish (oyster, mussel, etc) due to severe allergies or dislike

  • cannot take dashi (base stock taken from dried bonito flakes and kelp) or seafood based stock

  • vegetarian or vegan diet

  • low-carb diet (do not want to take any carbohydrate rich foods)

  • other severe food allergies

  • child menu

Chef is unable to perform his cuisine to the satisfaction of the guests with these requests.  

Regarding severe food allergies, we do not want to face any risks and cannot take any responsibilities.

Small children / babies & toddlers :

  • Children who are able to enjoy the same course menu with adults can make a reservation.

  • Babies and toddlers are not allowed.

​Note: The toilets are upstairs via the spiral stairs. Also there are a few steps before going to the dinning area.


We have...

Wine / Japanese Sake / Japanese Whisky /

Japanese beer / local beer / Soft drinks / Tea and coffee

Sake Paring

Our very popular arrangement with the course menu.  A glass of matching sake is selected for each dish by our certified sake sommelier.  Ask for this arrangement upon your arrival.