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Yama dinner box / Yama deluxe box menu

1. Assorted (sous-vide) meat with Yama's BBQ sauce

- chicken marinated with shio koji
- pork neck cooked 7 hours
- Iberico spare ribs cooked 4 hours

2. Chirashi zushi

sushi rice with various seafood toppings

3. Salad & beef sashimi with home-made  dressing
+ foie gras (deluxe box)

4. Potatoes with beef special


5. Scallop/cod gratin with yuzu miso sauce


6. Shimmered vegetables authentic style


7. + Mini Sashimi (deluxe box)


8. + Miso soup (deluxe box)


How to enjoy Yama box


Meat/Potatoes     You need to warm up the meat/potatoes part before you eat.


It can be taken out and warmed up in the micro wave (about 30 sec or longer / 700W) or you can also take meat and potatoes out and warm them up separately in the pan.  Use Yama's special BBQ sauce for the meat.

Scallop/cod gratin    If you have an oven, the scallop/cod gratin is tastier when it is warmed up a bit in an oven (at the low temperature). If not, it is already tasty as it is.

Salad    Use the hand-made dressing for the salad.

Miso soup(deluxe box only)    Warm it up in the microwave or in the pan to your preferred temperature. A small box of seaweed and spring onion are for 2 persons to share. (If your order is an odd number, then you'll find a box for 1 person).



For those who have Sushi / Sashimi in the order

All sushi is without wasabi.  Both sushi / sashimi, you'll find a small sacket of wasabi and soy sauce along with your order.  


When you put a box of sushi in the fridge, the sushi rice gets hard.  About 30 min before you eat sushi, take the sushi box out of the fridge.  Keep the cover on.  In this way, the sushi rice goes back to the room temperature and gets soft again.  When the room temperature is high in a hot day, leave it for a shorter time.


Please consume within 30 min after the pick-up time if it is not kept in the fridge.


Even when you keep your order in the fridge, please consume as soon as possible for the fresh raw ingredients.   Keeping it overnight is not recommended.

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