YAMA DINNER BOX   (until 17 MAY)   SOLD OUT !!

Note:  Yama's dinner box is sold out until 17  May now.  18-31 May we are closed for takeaways. From 1 June we'll start again!   We'll inform you here, Facebook and Instagram when we start taking orders again for June- August.     If you don't have an account at Facebook or Instagram and want us to send you a notification via email, please send us your request to : yamathechef@gmail.com   Thanks!!

Open:   Mon/ Tue/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat/ Sunday  (Wednesday closed)

Pick-up only:   Please pick up your order at Yama between (1) 17:00 - 17:30 or (2) 17:30 - 18:00.  To avoid the close contact at the pick-up time, we make 2 pick-up timings.  Please choose (1) or (2).  If one pick-up time gets too many, we ask you to come to the other pick-up timing.   Our address is, Eendrachtsweg 31A, 3012LC Rotterdam. 

Keep it cool:   As we serve fresh ingredients, we put an ice pack(s) to keep your order(s) cool during the transportation of max. 30 minutes.   More than 30 minutes transportation time is not recommended for our takeaways.  

Price:   28.50 euro (incl. vat) per box.    Max. 25 boxes a day.    The menu of the Yama Dinner Box is fixed during the period of our takeaway service and change of the menu contents is not possible.  

Extra menu:  You can also add some extra items from the extra menu list of sashimi, sushi and sake. (Click the link for the list). 


Last order:   until 20:00 on the day before the pick-up date (if orders are not full)


Payment:   Prepaid only via bank transfer.  After the payment has been done, your order is confirmed.  Note:  Sorry, we don't use tikkie or a similar payment method.  

Orders via email only.  Send email (yamathechef@gmail.com) and clearly mention the next information.   No whatsapp/sms, please.  


1) your full name

2) preferred date(s).   Please mention a few optional dates if possible.  When it is full, we ask you to choose the next possible date.

3) time   1) 17:00 - 17:30 or 2) 17:30 -18:00

4) mobile number

5) your order(s)

This is how you receive your orders at Yama:  You will receive your orders at the front door of the restaurant.   Please do not come inside.   When there are other guests for their pick-up, please keep the 1.5 meter distance and wait for your turn.  

Yama's Dinner Box Menu:


Click here for the updated menu and the instruction of how to enjoy Yama's dinner box!

Here under you'll see a sample picture of Yama's dinner box. (the contents of the menu changes depeding on the market situation.  But the value stays the same.



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