Dessert by Chef Yama

yama dessert2.JPG

Yama's dessert  set 10.00 euro


Serving suggestion

You can also order them separately!


3 kind of chocolate 3.50 euro

Specially made by Chef Yama: Matcha chocolate, Kinako(soy bean powder) chocolate & sweet chesnut covered with chocolate.  Upon request, only 3 matcha or only 3 kinako chocolate also possible!


Panna Cotta Yama 3.50 euro

Panna Cotta made by chef Yama with Yuzu pearls on top.


Ichigo daifuku 3.50 euro

Chef Yama's special Ichigo daifuku.  Strawberry and sweet red bean paste wrapped with mochi, together with matcha sponge cake.


Yama's chocolate only

12 matcha chocolate  12.00 euro

6  matcha/ 6 kinako chocolate 10.00 euro

The same portion of Yama's chocolate, but more!

Sweets from Japan

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Sakura mochi   2.20 euro p.p.
(Sweet pink mochi filled with sweet red bean paste and wrapped in a salty pickled cherry leaf)


Daifuku mochi   1.60 euro p.p.

​(mochi filled with sweet red bean paste)