Order Yama's takeaway

 Yama's Takeaway

Open:  Thursday till Monday  /  Tuesday & Wednesday closed.

**note**  3 and 10 August we are closed for takeaway due to an event we are joining this summer.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Pick-up only:   (1) 17:00 - 17:30 or (2) 17:30 - 18:00.

To avoid the close contact at pick-up time, we make 2 pick-up timings.  Please choose (1) or (2).   If one pick-up time gets full, we ask you to come to the other pick-up timing.  

Pick-up  address: at Yama/   Eendrachtsweg 31A, 3012LC Rotterdam

Keep it cool:   We serve fresh and raw (sushi/sashimi dishes) ingredients.  To keep your order cool, we use a cool bag with an ice pack.  To keep the safe temperature for your order, more than 30 minutes transportation time is not recommended for our takeaways.    If you are coming from far and it takes more than 30 min., please inform us.  We put extra ice packs.

Last order:   until 20:00 on the day before the pick-up date

Payment:   Advanced payment only.   After you have sent your order, we ask you to make payment.  After the payment has been done, your order is complete.  You can choose 2 ways to pay for your order. 

1) by the internet banking :  We send you the bank information.  No transaction fee.

2) by the tikkie payment:     0.25 euro will be added for the transaction fee.   If you like to pay by tikkie, please mention it.  We'll send a tikkie to you!

In the morning on your pickup date, you'll receive a reminder by email from us. If you don't receive this reminder, please contact us!  

Cancellation policy:  Until 12 p.m. on your pick-up date:   100% refund.   After 12 p.m. on your pick-up date, we have to ask you to pay for the cost for the ingredients which are already being prepared.   We refund the rest of the amount to your bank.    Cancellation fee varies depending on what you have order.

How to order:  Email only

Please send email to yamathechef@gmail.com and clearly mention the next information.   No whatsapp or sms, please.  


1) full name

2) mobile number

3) pick-up date(s):   

4) pick-up time:  (1) 17:00-17:30  or (2) 17:30-18:00

5) order(s)

Please check here: Yama's Takeaway menu for the list of our takeaway items and the descriptions.  (You can not order online)

This is how you receive your orders at Yama at your pick-up date/time: 

You will receive your orders at the front door of the restaurant.   Please do not come inside.   When there are other guests for their pick-up, please keep the 1.5 meter distance and wait for your turn.