Yama Takeaway Menu

April 2021


Set A      Sushi Omakase  

36.00 euro

(menu change not possible!)

Chef's choice 9 pieces nigiri, 4 small rolls, 2 big rolls & inarizushi

+ 1 cup of miso soup (1 set is for 1 person)



Set A  Sushi Omakase without miso soup

34,50 euro


With no request we combine 2 sets into 1 big sushi box(22 x 32 cm).  If you want us to separate per set(15 x 23 cm), inform us by your order. When you come with bicycle, it is handy to have separated sets!  More than 3 sets, we always pack separately! 

Set B      Sushi Omakase Deluxe   

46.00 euro

(menu change not possible)

Chef's choice 12 pieces nigiri, 4 different small rolls, traditional omelette

+ 1 cup of miso soup (1 set is for 1 person)



Set B   Sushi Omakase Deluxe without miso soup

44,50 euro


This set is always packed separately (box size: 15 x 23 cm)

Set C      Sushi Omakase Premium 

56.00 euro

(menu change not possible)

The contents of Set B Deluxe & 1 snow crab claw + Ikura/crab in a small cup + Negitoro(chopped toro) in a small cup!  

&  1 cup of miso soup (1 set is for 1 person)



Set C   Sushi Omakase Premium without miso soup

54,50 euro


This set is always packed separately (box size: 22 x 26 cm)


Extra sushi (per piece)

Toro 4.80 euro

Crab 4,50 euro

Shrimp 4.00 euro


Scallop 4.00 euro


Salmon 3.50 euro


Inarizushi 2.50 euro

Salmon roll 8.00 (cut into 6 pcs)

Cucumber roll 6.00 (cut into 6 pcs)

Egg roll 6.00 (cut into 6 pcs)

What is Inarizushi?


Miso soup


3.00 euro

Tasty miso soup with seaweeds & spring onion



7.00 euro

+/- 200g! / with Tomasu soysauce salt (10g) !

The salt is matured at least 2 years in the barrel of Tomasu soy sauce.  Very special salt!


Without Tomasu salt
5.50 euro

Delux Yakiniku Set (frozen!)

Gourmet set with 2 Yama original sauces

+/- 300g in total

36.00 euro

(This item is sold frozen! Upon request we can defrost it before the pickup time)

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-11 at 19.49.33 (3

<contents> (contents change not possible)

Wagyu A5, Wagyu A3, Beef top blade, Dutch lamb, Duck breast, Iberico pork spare rib withtout bones, Thinly sliced pork belly, Arabiki (coarsely minced) sausage

< 2 sauces >

Yama original BBQ sauce, Salt-based leek(prei) sauce


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Tomasu soy sauce



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Frozen products of Chef Yama

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Best match for Yama's delicious sushi!

100ml            12.50 euro

200ml          20.00 euro